Download sample files in most popular file formats. provides plethora of different files types and extensions. Download files for testing purposes in many different sizes, bitrates, or resolutions

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Popular Sample Files

Browse and download all the free file samples for demo use.

If you need to download free sample files of different types and extensions for demo use, you are at the right place.

Don’t waste your time creating dummy files. Click on the buttons below to download test files of your choice. Each of these categories holds files with different extensions and sizes suited for testers to download.

The test files are divided into different categories. You can click on the required category and then download the file format you want. For example, popular file formats include doc, docx, PDF, WAV, etc.

DWSampleFiles cares for its content and audience. All sample files have been vetted for malicious content and are completely safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are sample files?

Sample files are made by developers to be used for testing. They are usually free to download and allow testers to have a better understanding of how an app or web app will work with real world scenario data. We, at, provide sample files that are free to download and use. They are in different formats and sizes and can be ideal for your testing.

How many file types are there?

A file is a collection of data stored in a computer hard drive. Depending upon the format and content, the files are classified into different types. Different file types are capable of storing different kinds of data in a different format.
There are literally hundreds of thousands of file types in the digital world. Each file type requires a specific program to open and process it. You can find hundreds of sample files across various common file types at If any samples are missing from our library, you can always contact us and suggest about the addition.

Can we download a file in different sizes?

Yes, you can download a sample file of different sizes. In fact, each file type at comes with multiple sizes, resolutions and formats.

What if my required file type is not available?

If a file type is not available, it can be difficult to access the information contained inside the file. It may become impossible to open a file if its file type is not known. You may need to convert the file into another compatible format or use a universal file viewer to open the file.