About Us

Creating or finding sample files for testing is a tedious process. We make it easy for you by hosting sample files and code on DWSampleFiles.com.

At itechtics.org, we develop different types of software. Our developers need sample files to test their software while working in a lab environment. Since we found it difficult and tedious to find sample files again and again, we created DWSampleFiles.com which hosts sample files in different formats, making it easier to find sample files for developers and testers whenever they need them.

While the main purpose of this website is to host sample files, we plan to add more samples of code in the future. Right now, we are working on sample LD+JSON schema markups for different scenarios. This will make it easier for users to implement a schema markup of their choice by copying the sample markup code and making changes accordingly. If you need any sample files to download or sample code for a specific purpose, you can contact us directly.

Please note that all files are scanned for malicious content with Kaspersky Antivirus before being uploaded to the server. We ensure this so you can focus on your testing without worrying about the security of the files to use.

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