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What is a CRDOWNLOAD File?

A CRDOWNLOAD file is an incomplete or partially downloaded file created by your Chromium-based web browser, like Edge or Chrome. It is in plain text or binary format. This file is created automatically when a download is in progress and is also automatically removed from your system when the download completes.

This file is generated automatically by a Chromium-based browser when a download is in progress. Files having the extension “.cdownload” are also referred to as Chrome Partial Download files. A CRDOWNLOAD file starts small. Meaning, that if you are downloading a 10GB file, the CRDOWNLOAD file will start in MBs. However, as the download progresses, this will gradually grow all the way up to 10 GB.

A CRDOWNLOAD file can have either of the following naming formats:

  • Unconfirmed XXXXX.crdownload
  • FileName.mp3.crdownload

Both of these file types are CRDOWNLOAD files created temporarily. However, opening and accessing the contents of a CRDOWNLOAD file is not one of its intended purposes, as the file is still incomplete. However, you can still open incomplete downloads using certain software listed below.

Download CRDOWNLOAD Sample Files

Download the .CRDOWNLOAD sample files from below.

The following programs can be used to open CRDOWNLOAD files:

Chrome Partially Downloaded File (.CRDOWNLOAD)






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text/plain, application/octet-stream

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