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What is a GIF File?

A GIF file has been around for some time but has gained more popularity over the last decade. Originally, GIF was a lossless image file format used to store data with a maximum of 256 colors. Then came the Animated GIFs which are tiny animations. The GIF format is mostly used by websites for buttons and other tiny animations but is not suited to store digital images due to its limitations.

Unlike a .JPG file, a GIF file supports transparency but can either be 100 percent opaque or 100 percent transparent – no in-betweens. In comparison, you can manage the level of transparency in a PNG file.

Download GIF Sample Files

You can download both static and animated GIF files of different sizes and transparency from below. Each of these can be used to test both the static and animated .GIF files, having different sizes and transparency.

Graphical Interchange Format (.GIF)






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