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What is an F4V File?

The Flash MP4 Video (F4V) file is a file format used to contain videos along with audio and other metadata. It is based on the Apple QuickTime container format which stores the video encoded in the H.264 codec and audio in the AAC+/HE-AAC/AAC v1/AAC v2 formats. This format is very much similar to the .FLV format, but Adobe needed an upgrade since the FLV file format has certain limitations with the H.264/AAC content. This format is mainly used to stream movies and TV shows online.

The F4V format supports high-definition video with a bit rate of up to 50 Mbps, whereas the other similar formats, such as FLV and MP4 do not have those capabilities. Therefore, the F4V video format is both compressible and capable of storing high-definition content. This is why it makes the F4V format ideal to store on servers online and stream videos while taking up little space on the storage device.

Download F4V Sample Files

Here you can download and test out the different .F4V sample files having different resolutions, available both with and without audio.

Flash MP4 Video File (.F4V)


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