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What is JFIF Format?

JFIF (JPEG File Interchange Format) is a bitmap image file that stores bitmap data in a container format encoded with the JPEG algorithm. Like JP2 format, the JFIF is also an improvement to the JPEG images. JPEG misses out on some information included in JFIF files, like standard header, resolution, aspect ratio etc.

Cameras have used JFIF formatting in the past to save images.

JFIF files can be stored with .jfif, .jpg or jpeg extensions and support 24-bit color resolution.

JFIF is also capable of supporting different levels of compression, allowing users to save images at a lower resolution if required.

A JFIF file can be shared between different platforms and applications.

You can also convert jfif extension into any other file format using the built-in Photos app in Windows 10 and Windows 11. There’s no need for a separate file converter.

Download JFIF Sample Files

Below are the listed JFIF sample files which you can download in different sizes and resolutions. Download the one best suited for your testing needs by clicking on the adjacent button.

JPEG File Interchange Format (.JFIF)






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