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What is a JPG File?

A JPG file is the same as a JPEG file, which is a raster image file. The file extension can be both .JPG and .JPEG, where either can be renamed into the other for conversion.

JPEGs are used to store digital images and are supported across platforms. Some preinstalled programs within different operating systems also support this format natively. JPEG is a lossy compression algorithm that can significantly shrink the size of an image file, saving space on your storage device.

JPG images can be shared easily over the internet with less bandwidth consumption. Moreover, they can also be used on websites and webservers as the quality degradation due to lossy conversion is almost negligible and can usually not be spotted by the naked eye.

Download JPG Sample Files

The JPG format has become a standard image sharing and storing format, thus this format is readily available on the internet. You can download sample JPG files from the links below in different sizes.

JPEG Image (.JPG)


Joint Photographic Experts Group




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