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What is a PCD File?

A PCD file contains a digital image of an actual photograph captured by Kodak’s hardware. It can store up to 6 same images in different resolutions so that they can later be used by professionals for editing purposes. The smallest image size is 192×128 pixels whereas the biggest one can be up to 6144×4096 pixels if Pro Photo CD images are used.

PCD images scanned with Kodak’s hardware are usually scanned at a resolution of 3072×2048 pixels and support 24-bit colors. The PCD file format is Kodak’s proprietary Photo CD format used to store digital copies of pictures on Compact Discs (CDs).

Download PCD Sample Files

You can download PCD sample files from below where each of them is different in size and resolution, and store different numbers of images.

Kodak Photo CD Image (.PCD)






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