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What is a PGM File?

A PGM file contains a grayscale image which can either be stored in ASCII text format or have a binary representation. These are usually enoded with one or two bytes (8 or 16 bits) per pixel. A .PGM file can also contain other information like header information and grid numbers that are representing the different shades of gray.

The information inside the header defines what the PGM format type is. It is “P2” for text and “P5” for binary. It also states other information, such as the image’s width and height. Moreover, binary PGM files can contain multiple images, but the ASCII PGM files may only include one image.

Download PGM Sample Files

Click on the download button below to download the respective .PGM file of the stated size. Each file can include a different number of images and have different dimensions.

Portable Gray Map Image (.PGM)


Jef Poskanzer



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