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What is a TGA File?

The TGA file format was first introduced in 1984 by Truevision, now known as Avid Technology. It is a raster graphic file that supports 8, 16, 24, or 32 bits per pixel at a maximum of 24 bits for RGB colors and an 8-bit alpha channel. This format can be used for different types of images, such as digital images, as well as textures referenced by 3D video games.

Originally, the TGA file only consisted of 2 domains: the “TGA File Header” and the “Image/Color Map Data.” However, in 1989, new portions were added to keep up with the demands of the professionals, which were the “Developer Area,” “Extension Area,” and “TGA File Footer.” Apart from these, several other new extensions were also introduced, each having its own purpose to enhance the quality of the original image.

Download TGA Sample Files

You can download the TGA files of different sizes from below and use them for testing purposes as required.

Targa Graphic (.TGA)


Avid Technology




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