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What is a JPE File?

A JPE file is basically a JPEG or JPG file, with the same content and everything. A .JPE file is a 24-bit compressed JPEG format, usually used for images with lots of different colors. The JPEG file format uses a lossy compression algorithm, saving some space on your storage drive but compromising the quality of the original image.

Basically, JPE is just an abbreviation for JPG/JPEG and can be converted from one file extension to another simply by renaming the extension.

That said, some digital cameras saved 2 copies of the same image: one as JPE in low resolution, and the other as JPG in a higher resolution, so both could be used by the photographer as needed. However, some applications that do recognize the JPEG format do not recognize the JPE format.

Download JPE Sample Files

You can start by downloading the JPE sample file(s) from below and check to see if the program you are using supports the JPE format, and then continue to perform your tests.

JPEG Image (.JPE)


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