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What is a JPEG File?

A JPEG file is a raster image file that supports up to 24-bit color depth. It utilizes a lossy compression algorithm which significantly reduces the size of the file, saving space on your storage device. However, it also means that it compromises the image quality. Nonetheless, the quality degradation is usually not visible to the human eye. This is why the JPEG format has become a standard to share and store digital images around the world.

The JPG and JPE formats are other forms of the JPEG file format with the same data and everything, the only difference is the shorter abbreviation. They can be converted from one format to another by simply changing the file extension.

Download JPEG Sample Files

The sample JPEG files below are available in different sizes and resolutions. You can download them by clicking on the adjacent button and begin performing your tests.

JPEG Image (.JPEG)


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