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What is a BAT File?

A .BAT file, or a Batch file, is a command file written in plain text which is run using the Windows Command Prompt. These type of files can be used to any number of tasks that could be done using the Windows Command Line Interface (CLI). Programmers often use these files to automate tasks, especially those that are needed to be performed over and over.

Users can easily create batch files by saving one command per line in any text editing software, like Notepad or Wordpad, and changing the extension of the file to “.bat.” Of course, the text file needs to start with “ECHO OFF” to be recognized as a batch file. You can also edit any .BAT file by opening them in any text editor.

Download BAT Sample Files

Below you’ll find different .BAT files in which there is code written to perform different tasks. Download these to perform your tests.

The following programs can be used to open BAT files:

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