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What is a PHP File?

A .PHP file contains source code written in plain text in the PHP programming language, which is a server-side language. This means that the code inside a .PHP file is executed on the server. A .PHP file typically consists of text, HTML tags, and code as per its syntax.

Such files are normally employed by web designers when making new or changing existing PHP files in order to build websites with enhanced functionality. However, regular users can use any web browser to download PHP files from a webpage. A PHP engine on the web server processes the PHP code contained in the webpage to produce HTML dynamically. The user’s web browser receives the HTML data, which comprises the webpage content. As a result, even when browsing the page source, the viewer never sees the actual PHP code that runs the website.

Download PHP Sample Files

Download sample .PHP files from below and use them as needed, rather than spending time and creating your own for testing purposes.

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