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What is a YAML File?

A .YAML file contains the information for a program’s settings, written in plain text. In other words, the file is used for data serialization. YAML stands for “YAML Ain’t Markup Language,”but it originally stood for “Yet Another Markup Language.” The abbreviation for YAML evolved over the years as the YAML format evolved with each iteration. A YAML file can also be saved with a “.YML” extension.

The YAML format is usually used for reading and writing information independent of any specific programming language, which is why it can be referenced and included within any programs that support YAML libraries, such as Perl, C#, Ruby, etc.

Since the .YAML file is in plain text, users can edit the settings of the associated program simply by modifying the .YAML file with any text or source code editor.

Download YAML Sample Files

Here are a few .YAML sample files each with settings for different purposes. Download them by clicking on the adjacent button.

YAML Document (.YAML)






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