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What is a PL File?

A .PL files contain the Perl scripting language which is executed only by using a Perl interpreter. A .PL file is mostly used by developers for web server CGI scripting, application GUI development, and system administration. But on top of these, the Perl scripting language can be conveniently used for parsing text, which is why it is also commonly used to search through text.

You can normally find information like variables, operations, comments, and functions inside a .PL file, but because of the language’s compact nature, some users may find the contents of a .PL difficult to understand.

Regular text editors can be used to create and edit .PL files, but it may not be ideal since they do not provide syntax highlighting, whereas more complex source code editors like Visual Studio Code are easier to use whilst creating/editing .PL files.

Download PL Sample Files

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