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What is a PSD File?

The PSD format is used by images designed for Adobe Photoshop – a professional image-editing software. Images created using the software are stored in the PSD format, and the software can open a .PSD file too. However, the image size must not increase 30,000 pixels or 2 GBs, else it will need to be saved as a .PSB file.

A single PSD file can store different components for the image, such as image layers, adjustment layers, layer masks, annotations, file information, keywords, and any other elements added by the Photoshop software. The PSD format supports RGB, CMYK, monochrome, grayscale, duotone, indexed color, Lab color, and multichannel color modes, which makes it one of the most advanced formats for editing images.

However, since the size of the PSD files is significantly larger than the standard image files, they are often converted to other formats like JPEG or PNG so that they could be shared or uploaded. The data structure of a PSD file is as follows:

  • File Header
  • Color Mode Data
  • Image Resources
  • Layer and Mask Information
  • Image Data

Download PSD Sample Files

You can download the different PSD sample files below, each of them having a different size. These can be used to check your editing skills, or simply to check how much load your Photoshop can bear.

Adobe Photoshop Document (.PSD)


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