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What is a VOB File?

A VOB file is a video file that may also contain other content, such as audio files, subtitles, and interactive menus, created by DVD Forum, which is an alliance of different multimedia companies. This file format is usually obtained from DVD discs and is limited to 1 GB in size only. The majority of the VOB files are based on the MPEG program stream format.

Since copyright protection is a common feature of commercial DVDs, VOB files that are extracted from those discs may be encrypted, which could cause problems if the file is copied to another location. If you don’t have the required permissions, you can play the VOB file using one of several decrypting applications.

Download VOB Sample Files

You can download .VOB sample files from below in various resolutions. They are available both with and without audio content, so you can choose the one tailored for your tests.

DVD Video Object File (.VOB)


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