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What is an RM File?

A .RM file stores multimedia information in the container format. I can include only a video in the RealVideo format, or audio in the RealAudio format, or both simultaneously. RM files are usually used for streaming media over the internet since they have a constant bitrate. This is why it is not ideal to stream complex audio or video content in a .RM file, since they require a variable bitrate.

For more complex multimedia segments, the RealMedia Variable Bitrate (RMVB) file format was introduced, which permits data transport at various speeds and allows the material to be streamed at a variable bit rate. This is helpful when greater data transfer is required for media files with more complicated portions.

Download RM Sample Files

You can download the sample .RM files from below as per your choice. You can download the one with only video, or both video and audio content.

RealMedia File (.RM)






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