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What is a PES File?

A PES file contains instructions and other commands, such as “trim,” “stop,” and “jump,” to be used for different embroidery machines using computer-aided manufacturing. It also contains other information such as the design pattern, colors, density, and length.

This file format is quite popular within the embroidery industry as it can be used by machines from different vendors. Different third-party software also store PES files while saving digital designs. These files can then be fed to the machines to print and design on a real piece of fabric. The file is also portable, and thus can be shared easily online, or moved onto a USB drive and inserted directly onto a sewing machine.

Download PES Sample Files

Below you will find samples of different PES files, containing different designs, and colors, and have different sizes. These are excellent for you to use on sewing machines if you are testing them out for the first time.

Brother PE Embroidery Format (.PES)


Brother International Corporation




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