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What is an FLV File?

FLV is an open format video file that contains a short header, synchronized audio and video data streams, and other metadata. It was developed by Adobe to be used with Adobe Flash Player which has now been discontinued. However, since it is an open format, it is also used by some other programs/ apps. Since the FLV file format was the early bird in the market, this format was also used by famous streaming websites such as YouTube, Hulu, etc.

The FLV format used to be very popular and adopted by almost every video-streaming service. It became the standard for video sharing. Websites even created content in the FLV format so it can be played using the Adobe Flash Player. Most operating systems like Windows, macOS, etc., supported the FLV format with native applications like Windows Media Player. However, since the Flash Player has been discontinued, the FLV video format is now being converted into other readable formats, such as HTML5.

That said, some services are still using the FLV file format through dedicated applications and programs.

Download FLV Sample Files

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