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What is an AVI File?

The Audio Video Interleave (AVI) file format was first created in 1992 and is the standard video formatting for all Windows operating systems. The file is saved in a multimedia container format that stores audio and video using a variety of different codecs. This format is based on the Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF). It uses less compression rates as compared to some other multimedia formats, therefore takes up a relatively greater space to store. That said, this means that the quality of the content inside an AVI file is significantly greater than the others. However, this format is not ideal for users with limited storage space. It is a lossless file, which means that it will not lose quality over time, regardless of the number of times it is reopened and resaved.

The AVI format is one of the most used video file formats and is commonly used for movies and TV shows in small sizes with great quality. The AVI format has exceptional high-quality audio fidelity and accuracy. Since it has been the standard adopted by Windows, it is widely used and thus supported by most software, removing the limitations of specific programs needed to run this format file.

Download AVI Sample Files

Below you’ll find .AVI sample files to download which contain video samples in different resolutions. Continue to download them and perform tests as you please.

Audio Video Interleave File (.AVI)






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