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What is a PPTX File?

A PPT file is a presentation file commonly created by Microsoft PowerPoint, or any other presentation program, like OpenOffice Impress or Apple Keynote. A PPT file usually contains formatted text, bullet points, pictures, videos, music, and sound effects.

The preferred file format for saving PowerPoint presentations is now PPTX, replacing .PPT files. PPTX files are saved in the Open XML format, which stores data as independent files and folders in a compressed Zip package, as opposed to PPT files, which store presentation data in a single binary file. The archive contains a variety of file types, including an .XML file for storing presentation properties, another .TXT file for slide notes, and media files for the presentation’s images and other visual components.

Download PPTX Sample Files

Below you can download sample .PPTX files so you do not have to spend time and create your own. These are available in different sizes with different content inside. Click on the adjacent download button and use them for your testing purposes.

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