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What is a TAR File?

A TAR file, also known as a Tape Archive, is an archive file made by the Unix-based tool tar, which is used to group files together for distribution or backup. Along with metadata about the archive, it includes numerous files that are kept in an uncompressed format. Note that TAR files are only an archive and are not compressed. If they are compressed using the GNU Zip compression algorithm, they are converted to .GZ, .TAR.GZ, or .TGZ files.

On Unix and Linux computers, the TAR format is frequently used to combine many files into a single file. The use of tarballs is particularly advantageous when backing up data or moving large numbers of files.

Download TAR Sample Files

Here are a few .TAR sample files for you to download.

Consolidated Unix File Archive (.TAR)


Jean-loup Gailly




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