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What is a PVF File?

A PVF file contains recorded audio using Mgetty-voice (also known as Vgetty) – a software for Unix-based operating systems which acts like an answering machine with the aid of a voice modem. The file is saved in the Portable Voice Format (PVF).

Only voice files converted to the raw modem format are supported by Vgetty (RMF). However, as the call audio is usually recorded in the .WAV or .VOC format, it must first be converted to Raw Modem Format (RMF) using the pvftools in the software. PVF is used as an intermediary format because the Vgetty programs cannot convert WAV or VOC files straight to RMF.

That said, there are a few other programs that can open a .PVF audio file.

Download PVF Sample Files

In case you are looking for a .PVF file, here are a few samples you can download.

The following programs can be used to open PVF files:

Portable Voice Format (.PVF)


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