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What is a CVS File?

A .CVS audio file contains audio information encoded using the Continuous Variable Slope Delta Modulation (CVSDM) codec, which is a method to encode 1 bit per 1 sample. The encoder keeps track of a step size and a reference sample. The reference sample is compared with each input sample. The encoder produces 1 bit and increases the reference sample’s step size if the input sample is greater. The encoder emits a 0 bit and deducts the step size from the reference sample if the input sample is smaller. This encoding mechanism keeps the file size smaller whilst maintaining the audio quality.

A CVS file can also be saved with a .CVSD extension.

Download CVS Sample Files

Here are a few .CVS sample files for you to download.

The following programs can be used to open CVS files:

Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation File (.CVS)






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