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What is an OTF File?

A .OTF file contains font information developed primarily for the Windows operating system. It was designed by a collaboration between Microsoft and Adobe that resulted in a fully scalable font design. An OTF file contains additional information which makes the font available in different sizes without compromising on its quality.

The OTF file format combines the structures of PostScript (.PS) and TrueType (.TTF) font formats, except for the fact that the OTF file may contain more information that describes how the font may appear on the screen.

Fonts from .OTF files can be installed on other devices like macOS and Android with the help of additional software.

Download OTF Sample Files

Download and install the different font types in the OTF file format from the download links below.

The following programs can be used to open OTF files:

OpenType Font (.OTF)


Microsoft and Adobe Systems



Text and Binary

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